Common Mistakes on Dating Apps

We all have made mistakes on dating apps, are no hard and fast rules dictating when and how to take a conversation off an app, but attempting to do so too early can work to your disadvantage. No, you don’t want to get stuck in an endless back and forth on the app where your chat will eventually get lost in between all your other matches, but weary swipers may be reluctant to add yet another “Matt Tinder” or “Maybe: Matt” to their phone. In my own expert opinion, numbers should be exchanged when you are ready to make plans to meet in person — which may very well (and I’d argue, probably should) happen relatively shortly after matching. The key is not to just ask for someone’s number only to then continue the same back and forth on a different platform. If that’s all you’re interested in, the in-app chat feature will do just fine; it’s not actually “so hard to text on here.”

This isn’t about being shallow or superficial. We all have preferences about physical appearance and those preferences aren’t inherently bad or shameful or less important. This is about not being a huge jerk. Matters of physical appearance, especially weight and body type, can be extremely fraught and emotionally charged topics for people. It is completely unnecessary to go around stating your physical demands in your dating app bio (and yes, this goes for women who establish “deal-breakers” about men’s height too). Many dating apps allow you to privately filter based on height anyway, and a few allow you to filter based on body type as well. Again, it’s completely fine to have and act on these preferences, but there’s literally nothing to be gained from mentioning them in your profile. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just only match with people who suit your fancy and leave everyone else alone. Read more…

When it comes to attracting women it is easier said than done without the right strategies. Now a days you can find an overload of dating tips and seduction tips from pick up artists all over the internet. A lot of the advice that comes from these so-called gurus are counterintuitive to the laws of attraction, and nothing more than dating mistakes.
The honest truth is that women are able to decide which kind men they are sexually attracted to within the first five minutes of meeting them.
Obviously there is a right and a wrong way to approach women, if you want to create a sexually tension upon the first encounter. The best ways to create this kind of attraction with women is through seduction and flirting.
Here are three the most frequent dating mistakes made by men. Overcome these obstacles and I guarantee your love life will improve significantly:
Stop Lying
Stop lying to females. Lying will never get you ahead in life and it sure will not help you get ahead with the ladies. This is only going to damage your credibility, and she will eventually find out the truth and label you as a “LIAR”.
There is nothing worse than being caught in a lie. Most people tell lies to avoid discomfort that goes along with being truthful. So, it in your best benefit to be as honest with women as you can be at the beginning.
If you are dating or involved with multiple women in your life, do not lie about your life style to her. Let her know that she is not the only women in your life. If she is okay with sharing you with other girls, that great news for you, but if not it will be in your best interest to move on and not waste your time.
Having Low Confidence
Women go crazy over men that carry themselves with a high level of Confidence. Females love men that takes charge of situations and does not have to seek approval from others.
There is also a thin line between being confident and cocky. Being confident means that you do not need to show off and boast about your abilities. While having a cocky personality portrays that you are arrogant jerk.
Not Making the 1st Move
Women rarely make the first move on guys that they are interested in. Majority of the time they will do subtle gestures to give hint to men to show they are interested.
The only way to approve your game is to start approaching more women and engage in a conversation with them. Girls like the thrill of being chased after and the majority of women expect for men to start hitting on them.
The more women you approach, more confidence you will gain. You will defiantly began to lose the fear of talking to new women and you will not be as nervous or shy to speak to an attractive girl you are interested in.
Final Thoughts
Also try to pursue the women that you are attracted to. Everyone will make mistake but, you must learn from your shortcomings and fix them. Soon enough you will be an expert and dating the girl of your dreams.

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How to Protect Yourself While Online Dating

Online dating is a new way to meet people, but it can be dangerous,

According to the Federal Trade Commission, online dating scams are the highest total reported scam — and that’s what reported. In 2016 in the U.S., $220 million dollars were stolen by these criminals and in 2018, $143 million dollars were reported lost.

These scammers are the lowest of the low. They not only hijack the photos of well-known celebrities or executives like me, but they often position themselves as having a career or title that keeps them away from their victims. They say they have a job traveling overseas or are in the military. Anything to keep the ruse going and avoid person-to-person contact.

After gaining their victim’s trust, they will position an emergency or some type of need for immediate cash or gift card. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has a handy tips sheet on their site and even a video on YouTube that explains the tactics these scoundrels use and how to report it. This is exactly how each scammer has led victims along when they’ve used my image. Read more…

Online dating advice is available in many varieties, the most obvious being how to boost your current success level in discovering the right romantic relationship. Little doubt this is by far one of the most essential. The reason why it is one of the most the most essential is that personal safeness also needs to be at the top of your checklist.
The on-line world just like the real world has a good amount of the sinister and criminals. People that have no problem either ripping anyone off or tricking people into their community of loony. Therefore do all you can to safeguard yourself so that you never become one more victim. This sounds pretty obvious but it is amazing how every week you hear about someone who ran afoul of an individual online.

1. Any Extremely Fast Get Together
A good bit of internet dating information to keep in mind is be hesitant of a person who is pressing for any off-line get together much too fast. The very first time you said no, yet that did nothing but make them inquire further on the next occasion. They also have laid on the sweet talk in order to work your emotions. Always keep your head on straight and don’t fall for it. The fact is this is a great moment to stop all of the contact with this person.

2. Does Not Add Up
One day they mention their favorite color is blue the next day it is red. Locate a trend to check out exactly what else is true or not and make a second trip to their profile webpage. Maybe they do like multiple colors equally and just decided to go with one to start with. That’s fair. However if they keeps switching or there’s nothing there in the first place then be careful. They may be lying for a reason.

3. They Will Pay You Back
This is one you’ll see most of the time. Specifically do not supply anybody money or even access to any of your monetary info. This will be obvious but the news is filled with testimonies of individuals who got duped when they permitted their emotions to take priority over their own common sense. Victims tend to be surprised to discover their internet date is not honest. Asking for money is a warning signal you ought to automatically pick up on. Be all set to say no and report the person to the moderator of whatever online dating website you are a part of.

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How to Deal With Dating Frustration?

Online dating can be frustrating, as reported by Seatle times,

It’s frustrating, confusing, tiring. And in this desperate land of 30-year-old high school cliques and lost love, dating apps have come to the rescue of lonely singles everywhere. While they may have started out as simple web pages with a person’s photo, some fast facts and a messaging function, these apps are evolving and multiplying in number while becoming more specific and easier to use.

The most popular dating apps — Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and Hinge — have a swiping feature. An image of a single pops up, sorted by your requested gender, age range and area. You can either swipe “yes” or “no,” depending on their profile picture, biography or other app-specific features. And new apps are popping up to fill the spaces these apps haven’t — even Facebook launched its own dating service in the U.S. earlier this fall, allowing you to hunt possible matches and court crushes from the comfort of your Facebook app.

Dating can be scary, overwhelming, or even a symbol of all-encompassing doom. But now, more than ever, there are seemingly innumerable outlets to find a partner. Yes, they’re mostly online. Yes, they have their issues. But these apps allow those who feel uncomfortable with the bar scene, those who don’t like to meet strangers, or those who feel too busy to meet people the “traditional” way to find singles from the comfort of their phones. Read more…

Dating can be a frustrating game. Quite often you will find that the men that you want will put up barriers to keep you at bay, whilst the men who come chasing after you cause not even the slightest stirring of emotion. The reason for much of this lies in the psychology of human behaviour, which can be at the root of many cases of repeated dating failure. Read on to find out more.

There is a saying in life that anything you chase runs away and this is very true of early relationships. And it’s not just men who do the running. If you’ve ever had a man come on far too strong early on in a relationship then you will know how creepy and off-putting it can be.

When someone lets you know that they want to spend their future with you, before you’re ready for this, it can feel like quite a burden. The weight of their expectations can be too much to bear, especially if they intimate that their future happiness depends upon your reciprocation of their feelings. This is far too much responsibility for most men (and women too) when they have not yet even started to think about commitment.

Many men enjoy the dating phase of a relationship and take their time making decisions about their future with a woman. Unfortunately, many women allow themselves to commit to a man and a relationship when they hardly know him, and he just isn’t ready. She may reveal her feelings verbally in “the talk” or show that she has expectations by complaining about what he is not doing already in the relationship. The psychological effect of this transition from dating to relationship is probably the most common cause of repeated dating failure.

The doubt and negativity that comes across in these situations shows the full weight of her implied expectations and he starts to feel trapped and look for an escape route. This is further compounded by her reaction when he withdraws. Her subsequent neediness in not letting him go without a fight shows him that he has her wrapped around his little finger. The chase is over and the romance gone as he struggles to free himself from her clinginess.
It is not wise to discuss a future with a man before a level of emotional dependency has been developed. If it is too soon, you will scare him off. Love can be likened to an addiction. If you produce pleasurable feelings in another person on a regular basis then they will develop a level of emotional attachment to you. If you allow him to fall in love with you, without feeling that you are trying to trap him into something he is not sure that he wants, that is when commitment can happen naturally.

One way that he will feel safer with you is when you don’t pressurise him into doing things that he doesn’t want to do e.g. spending time with you. When he spends more time with you than he wants, you quickly wear out your welcome, but when you leave prematurely, you leave him wanting more. Whether you speak to him on the phone or go out on a date, remember this principle and get out while you are still having fun.

Also be aware that it is human nature not to value that which is freely available to us and to hanker after that which remains just outside our reach. Something is not valuable to us if we didn’t have to work to get it. You would do well to remember this principle in dating, particularly when it comes to sex. Throw yourself at a man’s feet at your peril. He will trample over you and then leave. He will happily sleep with you first though, if you let him. If you make him work a little harder to get you, he will value you more and that extra value can often translate into a long-term commitment. Of course, you must respect and value yourself first.

If you want your relationship to last then you need to meet his emotional needs whilst presenting yourself as a challenge. This means maintaining your respect and dignity at all times and not giving yourself away. Let him come after you and you will appeal to his psychological need to chase his prize. The key is to maintain balance during dating. Make him feel good, then allow him to miss you. When you keep him wanting just a little bit more, then he will be pursuing you for the relationship that you want.

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Statistics and Facts on Internet Dating

Some interesting facts and statistics on dating on the internet

1) 81% of dating site users lie about their height, weight or age in their profiles

According to studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, women typically indicate three to five kilograms less than they actually are. Men in this regard are more truthful — they reduce only a kilogram or two, but they like to add a few centimeters to their actual growth. Meanwhile, all the information about Ukrainian brides at is carefully checked by the agency.

3) Men spend 50% less time than women reading online profiles of potential partners

This conclusion was made by scientists from Answer Lab, who monitored the trajectories of people’s eyes when viewing profiles on online dating sites. And this is not surprising at all, because men spend 65% more time looking at photographs in profiles than women.

4) Race and social status are very important when dating online

When viewing photos of a person from the “working class”, dating site users answer “yes” in 13% of cases. Photos of users of the “middle class” receive a positive rating in 36-39% of cases. Potential partners give preference to people of a mixed or their own race. However, it does not mean that people of different races are completely uninteresting to each other. According to another study, almost all heterosexual users of online dating sites at least occasionally exchange messages with people of a different race.

6) People who meet on the Internet are less likely to get divorced Read more…

How many people actually meet online? Are the commercials lying or do 1 in 5 relationships start online? Is there a stigma against meeting someone online? Most of what we see in terms of advertising leads us down the wrong path. What I want to focus on is the truth behind the online dating claims. So together let’s get down to the nitty gritty and look at some online dating statistics from various research companies. Warning! This article will get quite technical at times because statistics are a mathematical science and without maintaining the science aspect all findings would just be held as opinions but these are online dating statistics not online dating opinions. At the end of each research document I will breakdown the data in a few easy to understand sentences.
and Chadwick Martin Bailey 2009 – 2010 Studies: Recent Trends: Online Dating

Research Study Overview & Objectives:
In 2009 and 2010, engaged research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey to conduct three studies to provide insights into America’s dating behavior: a survey of recently married people (“Marriage Survey”), a survey of people who have used internet dating (“Internet Dating Survey”), and a survey of single people and people in new committed relationships (“General Survey”).

Key Findings:
Marriage Survey -17% of couples married in the last 3 years, or 1 in 6, met each other on an online relationship site. -In the last year, more than twice as many marriages occurred between people who met on a web based dating site than met in bars, at clubs and other social events combined. General Survey -1 out of 5 single people have dated someone they met on an internet dating site. -1 out of 5 people in a new committed relationship (including marriage) met their significant other on an internet dating site.
How did you meet your current/ most recent spouse? (Recently Married Survey: N = 7000) From the years (respectfully) 2010 / Past 3 Years

Met Spouse Via Online Dating Site 17% / 17%
Through a friend/ family member 27% / 26%
Through work/ school 38% / 36%
Through church/ place of worship 4% / 4%
Through bars/clubs/ other social events 8% / 11%
Other 6% / 7%

For each of the three studies, data was collected through research via an online Consumer
Research Panel:
Marriage Survey: 7000 US adults age 18+, married within the past 5 years
and Chadwick Martin Baily’s Breakdown
From this information we can gather that isn’t lying, their commercials speak the truth. 1 in 5 relationships start online. We also learn that 1 in 6 marriages begin from a web based dating site. What’s interesting to note is that internet dating is now mainstream. If 20% (1 in 5) of relationships start from an online dating site then there is growth in an area that was once taboo and in fact didn’t even exist 15 years ago. Although one can speculate that online dating will gain more popularity the more people can be open about how they met their significant other without embarrassment.
So for all those worried about dating online, there are plenty of people already doing it. Don’t be worried and get out there and start dating. The online dating statistics don’t lie.

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Taking Risks in Dating

One parallel that exists between the world of business and the world of dating is in both worlds some are more successful than others in obtaining wealth or relationships. In both worlds, taking risks and bouncing back from hardships is vital in being successful. Those who increase their percentages of attaining success in both worlds are those who never give up and involve themselves in many opportunities to gain woman and wealth.

The small percentage of men who can easily date women have cultivated the approaches it takes to interest an woman and do not fear in taking risks. They have moved out of the comfort zone most men never leave to increase their chances with woman. These men are not special in terms of having superhuman qualities. They are simply more willing to take chances, thus making them more visible from the uninformed masses. Like with anything, being informed is the key to being successful.

Knowing that many men will not step out of their comfort zone to meet women gives you the advantage in meeting women. Taking the initiative and making the effort to interact with woman puts you a step ahead of other men. Continuing to take these risks even though rejection may happen will increase your confidence and encourage you to be persistent. You will not settle for the first woman who takes interest and cling to her as if she is the only woman in the world like most men do. You will have the experience and self-assurance to pursue any woman who attracts you, and more than likely, you will attract her through your actions.

Taking risks and learning from your mistakes is crucial in improving and cultivating your ability to meet and attract woman. Be part of the 5% of men who are successful in the dating world, or otherwise, remain in your comfort zone along with the other 95% of clueless men who accept any woman who will take an interest in them.

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Disadvantages of Online Dating

Espinoza discussed the disadvantages of online dating,“My opinion of online dating is that while it has its benefits, it ultimately cheapens the human experience of falling in love,” said Hunter Sclbach, a senior majoring in music and minoring in accounting.

Dating online is advertised to be convenient. People no longer need to get ready and head to the bar to meet someone special; they can do it from any place at any time. However, that much convenience can easily turn a person impatient, since the app is expected to be used at any time of the day. If a potential partner online is not responding fast enough or wants to take it slow, the user might get frustrated and move on to the next person. Also, the friendly-user apps like Tinder or Jswipe where you conveniently swipe left or right can feel like a game, which undermines the whole point of dating.

“I hate online dating; it’s a waste of time. There is so much catfishing nowadays. You don’t know who he or she really is behind that fake picture on the profile page,” said freshman and science engineering major, Cecilia Velazquez.

Another claimed benefit is that online dating helps ease those feelings of anxiety when meeting someone new. However, the opposite happens. Those feelings of anxiety are put off and suppressed when speaking on a dating site, so when it’s time to finally meet, those butterflies and sweaty palms are enhanced tenfold.” Read more…

If you answered yes, to all of these concerns then maybe online dating is for you. It can be defined as a community where people or groups are provided the opportunity to communicate with each other for the purpose of dating, friendship and some even end up in marriage. If you are believing to take part in this neighborhood you need to be aware of the possible advantages and downsides of online dating.

Online dating is a really hassle-free way to meet someone to date. Considering that online dating is a kind of neighborhood, there are numerous singles and hopefuls like you who desire to discover a partner. With online dating, people include can easily pretend to be someone.

This can build up major relationships within its participants. Understanding the advantages and downsides of it, discovering a severe partner is not impossible. Who understands the individual you’ve been waiting for is the one you’re chatting with today.

If you are thinking to get involved in this neighborhood you ought to be aware of the possible advantages and drawbacks of online dating.

Online dating is a very practical method to fulfill somebody to date. Because online dating is a kind of community, there are numerous songs and hopefuls like you who desire to discover a partner. With online dating, individuals involved can easily pretend to be somebody. One of the security precautions in online dating is you should not provide your individual address to anybody unless you know them well enough.

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Dealing With Online Dating Rejection

Experts agree that dealing with dating rejection is not easy,

“While it may take a bit of courage to reach out when someone ghosts you, online dating expert Julie Spira recommends making one last attempt to contact the person — particularly if you felt like you were really hitting it off.

“I always believe in reaching out again if you feel you had a strong connection,” she tells Elite Daily. “Give the person the benefit of the doubt — maybe they had a work deadline, or perhaps they went out of town.”

Spira advises circling back with a positive approach, rather than making any accusations. If it feels like an attack, your match will be less likely to respond. Greene agrees that it’s usually worth one last-ditch effort, and suggests sending a short message, something along the lines of, “I found myself thinking about you and would love to meet in person! Let me know what your thoughts are.”

This is an effective approach for several reasons. It’s lighthearted and casual in tone, it lets your match know they’re on your mind without pointing any fingers or guilt-tripping, and it also inspires you to potentially set up a date IRL to see if there’s a real connection there. If your match has simply become distracted from their apps or overwhelmed with work and other obligations, they will likely respond. If not, experts say that you should consider that silence a gift.” Read more…

You might make contact with somebody, feel you have a genuine affinity for one another, email lots and feel really great about getting to understand the individual. Then, mysteriously, your potential partner’s e-mails slow, end up being more irregular or stop entirely.

Stay calm

It could be that the other individual is really hectic, is de-prioritizing you temporarily, and will come back. Don’t panic and don’t be lured to bombard them with emails and demand descriptions.

Since first, no descriptions are required. Up until you have made a clear (ideally face to face) dedication to each other, you and your online partner are not dating, you are just checking out whether you have an affinity which would make dating is a possibility. Second, demanding descriptions is a sure method to hinder a potential partner. They’ll feel pestered, pursued – and they’ll back off.

The very best method forward is to send out a single friendly e-mail stating that you really like talking to them, that you have actually seen they’re not emailing as frequently, which you hope they’ll get in contact again. Then, withdraw; you have actually put the ball in their court and it’s their relocation.

And who understands, provided this support your possible enthusiast could well return, with a sincere explanation of why they’ve been away. (Though if they do, it’s probably good to meet up and see whether you truly have an affinity or whether you ought to both cut your losses.).

Have sensible expectations.

What if there’s no reply to your e-mail – your possible partner has just vanished. Maybe you have actually met and – having actually met – they’ve realized there’s no stimulate. Or through their e-mails they have actually realized you’re wrong for them. Or perhaps – as is the method on the Internet in general – they’re chatting to other individuals; you’re not the only one they have an interest in and they’ve stopped prioritizing you.

And that really hurts. Your emails have been so personal – maybe even so extreme – that your expectations are high. Especially if you have actually been emailing for months instead of weeks, you feel you have a relationship that feels intimate and really devoted.

However actually, your expectations are out of viewpoint. You would not stake whatever on an arranged date, or on someone you ‘d talked to in a bar; lots of relationships go and come, and the reality that this one hasn’t worked should not be a huge rejection.

Move on.

At this point, then, understand that what taken place isn’t personal. The reality that your prospective partner ultimately chose you weren’t for them doesn’t imply that you’re a failure, simply that the two of you didn’t have a real affinity.

And if you’re not compatible, it’s an excellent job the contact has actually ended. You wouldn’t have had a future, you might have gotten back at more involved and after that got back at more hurt.

Keep in mind that the terrific thing about internet dating is that there are plenty more fish in the sea. It’s very simple to log back on once again and discover more members with whom you can chat, whom you can learn more about – and with whom you can have a satisfying and this time enduring relationship.

You might make contact with somebody, feel you have a genuine affinity for one another, e-mail lots and feel truly excellent about getting to know the individual. Then, mysteriously, your possible partner’s emails sluggish, become more irregular or stop totally. What if there’s no reply to your e-mail – your prospective partner has merely vanished. Your e-mails have actually been so personal – possibly even so intense – that your expectations are high. Particularly if you have actually been emailing for months rather than weeks, you feel you have a relationship that feels intimate and extremely dedicated.

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Paradox of Choice in Online Dating

The online dating paradox is discussed by C. Silva,

The Dating Paradox. Dating apps are creating a paradox effect: giving off the illusion of many choices, while making it harder to find viable options. Apps have become the new bar, but sometimes you may unknowingly walk into a frat party; a drunk feast; 2am stragglers; or a concubine expecting to find decent people. This is not just disempowering, it erodes your self-esteem and alters your decision-making ability.

We’re treating people like we do our social media streams. The shiniest object is what we briefly focus on, then move onto the next shiny object. Yes, we are an immediate gratification culture; but our needs aren’t being met when we scan, swipe, and dismiss. We’re overlooking good candidates for those that photo filter better. Read more…

When you learn how to make use of technology to your advantage, it will significantly help enhance your dating life.

Technological development is here to make life much easier for you, primarily cellular phones. You have the ability to call your loved ones at any time, due to the fact that we carry mobile phones with us all over.

You are probably, like many others, busy with technology: browsing the web, watching TV or playing games on your iPhone.

Even though it needs to be obvious, it’s challenging to find out exactly how iPhone can assist you. Here are some practical tips.

Step 1: Keep away from being too busy
Limiting such time will save you a lot of valuable time for more crucial activities. When you have a tough time picking between activities, be sure to select the one which gives you greater psychological experience.

Step 2: Make your present relationships count
Take a look at your social media network and pick those of your good friends and associates that you really like to be around. Ensure your aspirations and lifestyles are congruent. Hang out with them more and establish a strong inner circle of good friends.
Add value to their life and prevent requiring nothing for something in return. Arrange a motion picture evening or throw a picnic in the park. Welcome your pals. Just secure your iPhone, open Facebook app, and send out an invitation. To be certain your crucial good friends show up, call them and invite them personally.

Step 3: Head out and socialize
You will get invitations to venues and parties arranged by your buddies and their pals once you begin to interact socially. As soon as you participate in, be polite. Make certain you meet the organizer and his or her crew, show respect.

Take pleasure in the celebration, nevertheless devote adequate time to conference secret social connectors. Right after you befriend these individuals, they will optimize your social life. To surf your iPhone for cool occasions, use Meetup. UrbanDaddy will offer you pointers for heading out in the bigger U.S. metropolitan areas. For all others, there is constantly the explore area of Foursquare.

Step 4: Connect with folks who you have actually fulfilled and liked
Select skillfully all those that you would like to keep in touch and link with. Offer positive feelings and create chances to keep in touch and slowly become buddies.
Once again, your iPhone can help. Facebook is considered one of need to have iPhone apps when it comes to producing connections and connecting with other individuals. Advance bit by bit towards more individual interactions on the phone.

Step 5: Select the ideal woman and make the proper relocation
To this point the earlier mentioned actions have actually been designed to help you establish a lifestyle that makes you a lot more desirable from a female standpoint. It will also enhance the quality of your social life. At this stage you’ll be prepared to aim greater.
By now you most likely have actually got a couple of females around that you genuinely like. Avoid making the most common error guys are responsible for; either not telling a woman they like her or telling her the wrong way.

Have an appearance at your social network and pick those of your good friends and acquaintances that you genuinely like to be around. Hang out with them more and establish a strong inner circle of friends.

To be certain your essential buddies show up, call them and welcome them personally.
Once you begin to interact socially, you will get invitations to places and parties organized by your good friends and their good friends. Deal positive emotions and develop chances to keep in touch and gradually end up being friends.

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How To Get Started With Online Dating

Kahn provided some guidelines for getting started on a dating app
-Limit your time to swiping in the morning, when your mind is clearest.
-Post several photos, included candids of yourself with other people (and bonus points for photos with your mother).
-Pick one outfit as your designated first date outfit, so you don’t need to worry about what you’re wearing for every date you go on. (This tip also plays into my patented system for having the same first date routine every time, but that is a more advanced step.) Read more

When you respond to an ad, posted by a lady, you have to know that you are not the only one. It’s more likely that you r the 35-th person that is writing to her… I’d like to make a suggestion. Right here, right now, log on to the web and register yourself at section as a lady (about 23 y/o, nice and slim).

Be sure that you use an e-mail that is not valuable for you – getting a new free one for the purpose is a good idea.

This is going to be a small experiment. After a couple of days you’ll find out two things:

• it’s cool to be a lady in the NET 🙂

• the approximate number of people you are competing with.

Something more important – you’ll get the idea about what are the other guys writing about. This is valuable information.

Don’t hesitate and be desperate if you get 40 emails the first day from all sorts of guys willing to go on a date with you.

I’ll tell you how to make women think you differ from them.

Online Dating Tip 1

The usual mistake

Well, let’s suppose you did the experiment that I suggested. I bet you’ll find a couple dozens of variations of the following:

“Hi! My name is Bob. I’m 2x/3x/4x… y/o. I live in PutTheName City. I’m (body measures&eye-hair colour follows). I work at a ImagineSomeBusiness
Company. I like doing (this varies a lot). We might give it a try if u r interested 😉 Bob”

This sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?

Bob is wasting his time.

Of course – he has his own chances.

If his job or hobby matches the lady’s ones, he’ll probably get an answer. If also the lady is posting an ad for the first time, and Bob is the first one to answer, again he’ll probably get a reply.

Pay attention to the word “first”. 1 is the loneliest number…

Where is he mistaking….

Bob might be a cool guy, but he shows nothing of it.

What he does is a simple announcing of facts. His personality remains covered. As I said, he could be a good psychologist, witty, emotional and educated – whole bunch of features that women consider valuable.

But if all this remains hidden behind these plain body/work/hobby facts, it’s quite easy for a lady to decide that nothing of it exists… With other words –
Bob is wasting his valuable online time. As I said, only the fact-match remains something that can hook a lady.

This is something very thin to rely on…

Online Dating Tip 2

So, what to do?

The answer is simple – you have to put some personality in your e-mail.

Once you do this, you can be sure that you can leave an impression. If you manage to do this, your work is done.

Remember the features I was talking about psychologist, witty, emotional and educated. You have to convince the lady that you can think, have sense of humour and you haven’t missed the classes at school.

Make her laugh, make her think; don’t disturb her with spelling mistakes and your chances to get a reply increase dramatically. It doesn’t matter if the lady is educated or not – she wants you to be such. Let me say a few words about each one of these features…

Be a psychologist!

Online Dating Tip 3

When you e-mail a lady you have to show yourself as a psychologist.

Well, how are you supposed to do this? Simple – you have to make a small prediction that comes out to be true.

First you have to read the lady’s ad and gather all the valuable information.

Try to understand what is the proper motivation for her to post an ad. It might be stated directly – than it is useless for you to mention it.

If she does not say it clear, then go for it – she’ll be pleased to hear that someone understands her. One thing that you can always use is the fact that quite a lot of people write something similar to the ad that I showed you above.

You can predict that the lady is probably already tired of ads, telling about heights, weight and eye colour. Say that you won’t bother her with useless facts. Promise to send her a picture instead in some of your following letters.

Of course – do it if she replies. If you manage to make such a “working” prediction, this will convince the lady that the space between your ears is not filled with air. You know, even if you are not quite right, she might reply to tell where you are wrong. This is also a base for conversation. Use it. Be witty!

Showing some sense of humour – well, something that is difficult to achieve sometimes. What I can say is JOKE WITH YOURSELF, NOT WITH HER! REMEMBER THAT! Don’t use any of the info that she gives as a material for jokes!

It might work, but it’s more likely that you back the lady off. Try to get her point of view – she’ll say “Who the hell is he to speak like that?!” Don’t risk! In the same time, you can always make laugh from the way you look. Use phrases like “It could be damn worse” or “I don’t cover the mirrors with
sheets at my place” when talking about your appearance.

It’s a basic thing to show that you like yourself. If you don’t, well… this is a little bit far from the topic of this article, but do an effort not to show it (and constantly work to change this).

It’s a basic statement that you have first to like and love the person that you see in the mirror in order the others to like and love you. Back to humour -keep the lines that are supposed to make her laugh unexpected and short.

Online Dating Tip 3

Telling long stories with funny end is not a quite good idea – the end might not be that funny and the whole reading might be in vain. Coming up with a witty line at the moment of writing an e-mail is not always possible.

It’s a good idea always to keep your ears opened for funny things, quotes, etc. Write them down the moment you hear them, or when they come to your

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What’s A Good First Date?

The first date can be difficult and intimidating. How do we now it is a good one? Experts say that responsiveness is an important sign that she’s interested and wants to see you again

“Nothing is more awkward on a first date than having the conversation just stall out. This can be a sign that the chemistry isn’t there. The opposite is also true, says Spira. “When you’re on the date and time passes by so fast, because the convo is so interesting, it’s a great sign that the person you’re on a date with would like to see you again,” she shares. “If the opposite happens, and there are several lulls in the conversation, your date just might not be feeling it, and if so, chalk it up to a one-and-done date.”

Barrett says there are actually clues to be found in your date’s behavior outside of the actual date, especially how they behave over text. “Pay attention to how they text you,” says Barrett. “A sign someone wants to see you again is responsiveness — they quickly, consistently respond to your texts, and they do so with good, positive vibes, rather than short, curt messages. If they text you while they’re still in the Uber on the way home from date number one that’s a huge indicator of interest,” he explains. “And the more emojis they use, the better. When someone feels an emotional bond with another person, they use lots of emojis.” Read more…

The first date is one of the most important events in the relationships of many couples. As important as this occasion is, it is also a very nerve-racking experience to go out with someone you have just met, or just decided to date. Perhaps the fact that this one significant date can potentially become the beginning of a lifelong relationship is why this first date is such an important occurrence. Whatever the reason that the first date is so major, there are many reasons that there is pressure on the first date. The first date is so demanding because it either leads to the occurrence or non-occurrence of the second date. Many people are shy and dating is difficult. If you have just come out of a serious relationship, there is pressure to get right back into a serious relationship.

One of the reasons that the first date is so anxiety filled is that the chances of a second date rest almost solely on what happens on the first date. If the first date is terrible and things go wrong, or the person you have asked out is bored where you take them, or if something is said or done that is offensive, it is difficult to get passed that first bad impression that is left by the first date. Whatever the reason for the date ending in disaster, most of the time, it does not matter whether the problem was intentionally caused or not. They always say that you only have one chance to make a first impression. This is often true in cases of disastrous first dates. One way you can help prevent this is to plan everything ahead of time. The less that can go wrong that is under your control, the better.

Another reason that a first date is so pressure packed is because of shyness. Many people who wish to make a splash in the dating scene are very shy. Some believe that shyness is a self-imposed condition. While this is in part true, many people are painfully shy and this shyness is just as real to them as any other aspect of his or her life. To people like these, dating in general and first dates in particular can be very difficult. If a first date is daunting to people who are not shy, imagine how scary it would be for a shy person. A way that a shy person can help fix this problem is perhaps listen to motivational tapes or get therapy to help him or her with self-esteem.

One other reason that someone might be fearful of a first date is that he or she might have just come out of a serious relationship. If someone is trying to get back into the dating scene after a broken relationship, he or she may feel a certain pressure to find a new partner and begin another serious relationship again. This type of person always needs to be sure that he or she is ready to date again. It may not be the right thing to do to start dating if there is no chance of a new relationship with that person at that point. Plus, if that person moves on to a new relationship without being ready for it, the new relationship may not go well.

There are several reasons first dates are nerve-racking. From the fact that there may or may not be a second date, to someone being shy, to an old relationship hanging over one’s head, a first date can have a lot of pressure associated with it. By making changes in your life, you can conquer whatever fears you have associated with the first date.

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